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2022 Activities

In 2022 the Mentoring program will be launching activities aimed at strengthening the processes of inclusion of young immigrants.

The first action deals with the consolidation of the knowledge and the experiences on the subject of inclusion of young migrants throughout Italy. In particular, with the ongoing project “Coming of Age – Mentoring as a new model of community-based inclusion for young migrants” we aim at collecting the experiences and theories on the practice of mentorship. In partnership with Refugees Welcome Italia, this initiative aims is to publish a scientific document able to outline a detailed and exhaustive reference model on the practice of mentorship. The purpose of the publication is to offer a solid theoretical foundation and a coherent framework for this practice.

Alongside this project, we are planning a series of initiatives for the dissemination of knowledge in the field so as to help animate the dialogue between the stakeholders involved.

A second line of activities will concern the design of training courses dedicated to those engaged in supporting the integration and social inclusion of young migrants. In particular, the Mentoring program is working on outlining specific training modules aimed at strengthening the skills of those involved in a helping relationship.

Finally, in the course of 2022 we will further strengthen our fundraising activities with the aim to promote projects for the integration of young migrants former UASCs. This line of action includes forms of direct intervention to support social inclusion, through projects and partnerships that could support the strengthening of the personal tools of young migrants, training courses, study and work grants, as well as the promotion of foster care in the family as well as housing inclusion.