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2021 Activities

The Mentoring program during 2021 will see the start of its activities aimed at strengthening the inclusion process of young migrants, former UASC.

The first line of activity will be directed at the collection and consolidation of the existing knowledge on the inclusion of young migrants, in particular on the mentorship practice. This project’s primary purpose is the publication of a scientific document that could outline a detailed and exhaustive reference model on the mentorship practice. The aim of the publication is to offer a solid theoretical foundation and a coherent framework of action to the practice of mentorship.


A second line of activities will concern on the one hand the design of training courses directed at those involved in supporting the integration and social inclusion of young migrants. At the same time it will involve the promotion and realization of events aimed at spreading knowledge on the issue and stimulate the dialogue between all the stakeholders involved.


Finally, 2021 will see the beginning of the fundraising activities of the Mentoring programme, aimed at supporting and promoting direct measures to the integration of young neo-adults former UASCs. This line of action favors projects and partnerships addressing the empowerment of young migrants, by means of training courses, study and work grants, as well as the promotion of housing inclusion.